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Configure Provisioning URL of YeaLink IP Phones

Phones that are purchased through VentureTel are pre-configured to connect to our provisioning system so when plugged in and connected to the internet they will pull down the appropriate configuration for their MAC address.  

If however, the phone was not purchased through VentureTel or our partners, then you will need to manually configure the provisioning URL.  

To do this :

  1. Login to the phone by entering the IP address of the phone in your web browser.
  2. Go to settings -> Then select Auto Provision on the left
  3. Enter the server URL: 
    • (where 'complexpass' is the password - this password can be found in your VentureTel portal).
  4. Be sure to Confirm at the bottom of the screen.  
  5. After confirming the addition of the server url, and you've created the device with it's MAC address in the VentureTel portal restart the phone or select Auto Provision on the auto provision page.Selecting Auto Provision Now will cause to phone to reboot and be provisioned from the VentureTel provisioning service.

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