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How Do I Send/Receive Text Messages?

Currently, we support text messaging (in beta) via the web or a desktop app.  We plan to add a mobile app in the near future as we continue to improve the text messaging service.

To access via the web, go to and login with your username, password and account name. (This information is available from your account administrator if you don't already have it).

To access via the desktop app, download the app:

..and then login with your username, password and account name.

Once logged in, you'll need to select the number you want to send/receive messages from.  This list should consist of numbers assigned to you in the VentureTel control panel, and any numbers assigned to the main number of your VentureTel account.

You can always change the number you want to be using by going to settings and selecting a different number available in your account.

Once the number is selected you should be able to see in the conversations tab a list of numbers you have received messages from or sent messages to.  To start a message to a new number, select the new conversation button and enter the number you want to send to and the message to send.

This will start the new conversation with that number and the number will be available in your conversations list.  To reply to an existing conversation, simply enter your message in the message text box at the bottom of the app and hit send.

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