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Manually Configure Zoiper Soft phone on Mobile

To manually configure the Zipper soft phone on your mobile device, start by creating a new soft phone device in the control panel and attach it to the appropriate user account. You'll need the SIP Username, SIP Password of the device and Realm for your account.

  1. Once you have these details, download and open the Zipper app on your phone.
  2. Go to Settings - Accounts, and add a new account by clicking the + sign in the upper right.
    • When asked if you already have an account, select yes.
    • Then choose manual configuration
    • Then select SIP account
  3. On the SIP account setup
    • Enter an account name - this is a name that will help you remember what account this is for (in case you have multiple SIP Accounts setup in Zoiper).
    • In domain, enter your realm details for your account
    • For user name, enter your SIP username
    • Enter your SIP password in the password field.
    • Under Advanced settings, enter your SIP username in the Auth Username field.
  4. Hit the Register button

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